THEFT/LARCENY: Alexandria, Fairfax & Arlington

In Virginia, misdemeanor theft, felony theft, and fraud offenses are made up of similar elements. In other words, comparable charges can lead to very different potential penalties. If you are charged with felony theft or fraud, you may be facing a significant jail sentence. Our criminal defense attorneys have experience defending a wide range of theft and fraud cases, and we will fight hard for you to obtain the best possible outcome. Our attorneys will negotiate with prosecutors for a reduced sentence. If trial is inevitable, our lawyers have years of experience in the courtroom defending these cases.

Among the offenses that our attorneys have successfully defended: Embezzlement, Larceny (including Grand and Petit), Bad Check Larceny, Credit Card Fraud, Obtaining Money Under False Pretenses, Identity Theft or Fraud, Burglary, Robbery, and Shoplifting.